Persona 3 Reload's opening cinematic pays homage to the original's iconic theme song

(Image credit: ATLUS)

The intro cinematic for Persona 3 Reload has been released by Atlus, and it's as bold and stylish as fans of the series have come to expect.

This remake of one of the PlayStation 2's best RPGs finally launches on February 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, last-gen consoles as well as day one on Xbox Game Pass. And now, this gorgeous intro sequence is making the wait for Persona 3 Reload just that bit harder.

Uploaded to Atlus's official YouTube channel, the animation begins with Persona 3's protagonist flipping through tracks on an MP3 player, just in case you forgot the game was set in 2007. The player briefly references the original game's opening theme, the superb Burn My Dread. But the new intro song - titled Full Moon, Full Life - carries Burn My Dread's leitmotif throughout. And it wouldn't really be Persona 3 without rapper Lotus Juice, who returns to lend his voice to Reload's soundtrack alongside new vocalist Azumi Takahashi.

The opening animation features all the hallmarks of a Persona series intro. Bold colors are used throughout, contrasting starkly against the largely monochrome backgrounds. We also cycle through the game's cast of playable party members including Yukari Takeba, Junpei Iori, and Mitsuru Kirijo, getting a hint of their personalities and backgrounds too.

In case you're unfamiliar, Persona 3 Reload is a from-the-ground-up remake of the PS2 original, fondly remembered as one of the best games for the console. In the turn-based RPG, a group of high school students investigate a supernatural tower named Tartarus that only appears during the Dark Hour - a mysterious block of time that occurs after midnight each day. Outside of Tartarus, you'll spend your days at school or improving relations with your party members to unlock more of their story and additional perks in combat.

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