F-Zero 99 players can now enjoy private lobbies and secret tracks after the latest update

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F-Zero 99 has just got a ton of new content after Nintendo released the latest update for the online racing game. 

Players can now enjoy private lobbies, which can be accessed with four-digit passcodes. Private lobby race results will not be reflected in leaderboard points, records, or challenge progress, and players will receive fewer ticket points than in a regular race. This caveat means you're still encouraged to venture out into the wide world of online racing, where you go up against strangers around your skill level. 

There are also secret tracks that will appear at random, according to F-Zero 99's store page. Nintendo has also raised the maximum level and skill rating so players have more goals to try to reach. Now, the maximum level has gone up from 99 to 399, while the skill rating maximum has increased from S20 to S50. So, if you thought that you had already mastered F-Zero 99, you'd be mistaken, as now there are even more challenges and levels for you to grind to get to the very top.

This retro-style futuristic racing game sees players line up with 98 other vehicles and race on an unforgiving track. You must use everything in your arsenal to win each race, whether that be deploying spin attacks or collecting Super Sparks to breeze right past your competition. 

This multiplayer racing game from Nintendo is a classic Super NES game that only just got added to the Nintendo Switch for Switch Online members in late 2023, so it's great to see more content available for fans who are still enjoying everything F-Zero 99 has to offer.

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