Super Mario RPG to receive patch in December to fix the Paratroopa progress bug

Mario and crew with star in Super Mario RPG remake
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario RPG has a bug preventing some players from progressing, but Nintendo has confirmed that a patch is coming soon.

Some players have recently reported experiencing a bug in Super Mario RPG that is stopping the group of helpful Paratroopas which form the Paratroopa Cliff Scale minigame from appearing at the cliff at Land's End, which is making them unable to progress through the game.

Over on the Super Mario subreddit, one user explained that after speaking to Monstermama in Monstro Town and confirming that the Paratroopas would meet them at Land's End, they failed to spawn. Others in the thread have reported the same issue.

In case you're experiencing the bug and are awaiting a fix, Nintendo has confirmed on its support page that it is aware of the problem and will be releasing a patch in December to address the problem (via Nintendo Life)

"A bug has been found in Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch which may cause you to become unable to progress in the game," the post reads.

"In some cases, after the Paratroopa event triggers in Monstro Town, the Paratroopas will not appear when you go to Land's End, causing you to become unable to progress in the game."

Nintendo offered a temporary solution to get around the problem, saying that players should go to the Mushroom Kingdom, then return to Land’s End again if they encounter the problem, adding that doing so should make the Paratroopas appear as intended.

It explained further that there's no need for players to go inside the castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, as "the bug should be fixed if you enter the town around the castle." It's also "fine for you to use the map to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom," and when returning to Land’s End from the Mushroom Kingdom, players can choose to either use the map or the 'To World Map' option.

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