Modern Warfare 3 Prestige guide and Max Level

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Prestige has been a part of the Modern Warfare series since the very beginning, and it's set to be added to Modern Warfare 3 with the arrival of Season One. Currently, you'll be able to grind out levels and hit the level cap, but will have to wait a little while to hit Prestige levels.

Modern Warfare 3 is something of an oddity, especially when compared to its predecessors. Not only is it the second Modern Warfare title in as many years, but its launch maps are mostly made up of remasters of 2009 maps from the original MW2 game. Given this, the game currently falls short of getting onto our list of best FPS games, with it being unclear at present just how much staying power it will have with players.

Here's how Modern Warfare 3 Prestige works, a look at the current Max Level, and some details on what to expect when the systems change with the arrival of Season One.

Modern Warfare 3 Prestige guide - when is it being added?

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Modern Warfare 3 does not feature Prestige at present. This is all set to change with the expected arrival of Season One in early December. An exact release date has yet to be announced, and it's expected that the system will follow on from Modern Warfare 2's Prestige system. This means that each season, new level caps will be introduced, and reaching the max level will grant you a Prestige emblem and rewards. We'll have to wait and see what's in store for Modern Warfare 3's Prestige system next month.

What is the Max Level in Modern Warfare 3?

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The Max Level in Modern Warfare 3 is currently 55. This will be the case until the release of Season One, which is expected to arrive in early December. It's unclear as to what the new level cap will be, but given that Modern Warfare 2 (2022) added 50 levels per season, we can expect a similar jump with Modern Warfare 3.

That's everything we know about Modern Warfare 3 Prestige so far. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Modern Warfare 3 review. Elsewhere, there's our look at the best weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

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