Lenovo's so-called Steam Deck killer just hit its lowest price yet

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The Lenovo Legion Go was touted as the latest 'Steam Deck killer' when it originally launched late last year, but it came at a considerable cost. Now, however, the powerful handheld PC has just received its biggest price cut and you can get the Lenovo Legion Go at Amazon for $579.98 (was $699.99).

The Legion Go is considered a premium gaming handheld because of its superior specs when compared to other similar less expensive devices by Steam and Asus. That said, it's also a downside for folks who don't know if it's worth investing in something that costs a couple hundred dollars more than the Steam Deck.

This sale helps make that decision easier, so it's more worth it than ever to buy the Legion Go if you want a powerful gaming handheld. At this price, it costs just slightly more than the Steam Deck OLED with the same 512GB storage.

Today’s best Lenovo Legion Go deal

Lenovo Legion Go: $699.99 $579.98 Amazon

Lenovo Legion Go: was $699.99 now $579.98 Amazon
The Lenovo Legion Go is one of the Steam Deck's biggest rivals because of its impressive QHD display and refresh rate. It also has many quality-of-life features like its built-in kickstand, two charging ports, a tiny trackpad, and detachable controllers with many buttons. This deal brings it down to its lowest-ever price and puts in closer than ever to its competitors.

In our Legion Go review, we praised its performance, visual presentation, and audio quality. Its QHD display supports 2560x1600 resolution that enhances graphical details and pairs well with its speedy 144Hz refresh rate. 

In addition, it includes practical features like a kickstand, two charging ports, a trackpad near the thumb, and detachable controllers like the Nintendo Switch for motion control gaming. It's admittedly bulkier than its competitors, but still portable enough to use as a handheld without many issues.

And while we're big fans of the Legion Go, it's hard to beat the Steam Deck when it comes to integration. If you need some help with your decision, we go over how the Steam Deck compares to the Legion Go in a separate article. 

You can also see our list of best handheld gaming consoles for more recommendations if you're keen to game on the go on from your sofa.

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