Does Lego Fortnite have splitscreen co-op?

Durr Burger in Lego form
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What is Lego Fortnite?

A look at Lego Fortnite's open-world

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Lego Fortnite is a whole new survival crafting game that lives within Fortnite. You'll get Lego versions of your favorite characters and will be tasked with starting a world. Monsters are around, so first on the itinerary is building a campfire, shelter, and some weapons.

Lego Fortnite is now out, allowing players to jump into a huge open world where they'll need to build to survive. There are Lego versions of many of your favorite characters, and even a handy tutorial to help get you started.

Now that Lego Fortnite has been added to the ongoing Battle Royale game, we can start looking at the finer details. Given that it's a Lego product, many are wondering whether or not Lego Fortnite offers split-screen co-op. This is available in the main modes, so it follows that it'd work here. Well, that's not quite the case here.

Here's whether or not you can play Lego Fortnite in split-screen co-op, and what Epic Games has said about the future of this much-requested feature.

Does Lego Fortnite have split-screen co-op?

Unfortunately, Lego Fortnite does not currently have split-screen co-op. This is confirmed on the official Fortnite blog, and from our own testing. Bringing in a second player disables matchmaking, as per the image below.

Fishstick in the Lego Fortnite lobby

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Will splitscreen be added to Lego Fortnite in the future?

Fortnite Lego characters standing side by side

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has said that split-screen co-op for Lego Fortnite is 'currently unavailable'. Of course, this is a Fortnite product, which means it's absolutely possible that it will be added in the future via an update. We'll have to wait for confirmation from Epic Games. If anything is announced, this page will be updated.

That's all we know about Lego Fortnite so far. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at when the next Fortnite season is coming out. Elsewhere, check out our list of the best co-op games, while we wait for it to be added to Lego Fortnite.

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