Sony acquires deep learning company iSIZE - signaling a focus on cloud streaming improvements

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Sony has just acquired UK-based iSIZE, a company that specializes in AI-powered solutions for video processing, streaming and bitrate improvement.

The PlayStation 5 manufacturer announced the news via a blog post on Sony Interactive Entertainment's official website. Ueli Gallizzi, senior vice president of SIE's Future Technology Group, wrote: "iSIZE builds AI-powered solutions to deliver bitrate savings and quality improvements for the media and entertainment industry.

"The acquisition provides SIE with significant expertise in applying machine learning to video processing, which will benefit a range of our R&D efforts as well as our video and streaming services."

As per contractual commitments, Sony has not disclosed the cost of the iSIZE acquisition. However, it's easy to imagine Sony acquiring the UK-based company in order to improve its cloud streaming services. PS5 streaming has recently been added to the PS Plus Premium service, allowing subscribers to play some of the best PS5 games without needing to download them.

Cloud streaming still requires a pretty fast and steady internet connection in order to maintain a reasonable quality during play. Among the biggest issues faced by cloud streaming services are input delay and poor bitrate which leads to a choppy play experience and low image quality.

Sony's acquisition of iSIZE could be a conscious effort to combat the inefficiencies of its cloud streaming service, then. Previously, we've seen AI technology be leveraged in Nvidia's DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), an upscaling solution that improves game image quality and frame rates with minimal performance cost. Sony and iSIZE could be gunning for a similar thing here; leaning on the tech to iron out the frustrations that render cloud streaming inaccessible for many.

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