Months before launch, Palworld’s community manager thought that anything above 50,000 players ‘seemed unobtainable’

Three Pals seen in Palworld.
(Image credit: Pocketpair)

Almost a month after Palworld’s successful early-access launch, Pocketpair community manager ‘Bucky’ has been reflecting on his expectations for the game prior to its launch, and revealed that in May last year, reaching anything above 50,000 players seemed impossible. 

In case you were unfamiliar, the survival-crafting game launched in early access on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One (and on Xbox Game Pass) on January 19, and as of January 31, it had reached a total of 19 million players across all platforms. Its concurrent player figures have been enormous, too - on Steam, it previously hit a whopping 2,101,867 concurrent players. This surpassed Counter-Strike 2’s record, and gave Palworld Steam’s second-highest concurrent player record (after PUBG’s monumental peak of 3,257,248 concurrent players). 

Needless to say, months before launch, this wasn’t something that Bucky had anticipated. In a new post on Twitter / X, he wrote: “In May of 2023, I was convinced that Palworld could break the 50,000 player mark. Anything above that seemed unobtainable though, and I certainly never expected it to reach into the millions.

“It has taken years to get to this point, and Palworld only really begins from here,” he continued. “Everyone is working hard to fix the issues and prepare new content and Pals.”

Palworld has already received a number of updates ironing out bugs and issues. Last week, one was rolled out which, among other things, fixed save data that had been corrupted by catching too many Pals in a guild (multiplayer group). However, much bigger changes are on the way - the game’s early-access roadmap was revealed last month, and it unveiled plans to add PvP, raid bosses and more. However, it’s not clear when these things will be implemented. 

If you’ve just started out in Palworld and are looking for some tips to get started, be sure to check out our guides to finding Palworld Sulfur, Pal Fluids, Coal, Ore and more. 

Catherine Lewis
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