Meta Quest Plus subscription service launches - and it's pretty decent value

Oculus Quest 2
Leaked image of the Oculus Quest 2 (probably) (Image credit: Facebook)

Meta has just launched its new Meta Quest Plus subscription service, and it's one of the simpler monthly subs we've seen in quite some time.

Meta Quest Plus, available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro owners, will add two "handpicked VR titles" a month to subscribers' libraries. It'll cost you $7.99 / £7.99 per month or, alternatively, you can save around 37% with an annual payment of $59.99 / £59.99. Brand new subscribers can also purchase their first month for just $1 / £1 so long as they opt in before July 31 (via Eurogamer).

Meta Quest Plus's debut titles are Pistol Whip VR and Pixel Ripped 1995, two positively received VR games that each cost a fair bit more than the subscription's asking price. The former is a fast-paced rhythm shooter, while the latter is something of a 90s kid nostalgia simulator. Both are well worth checking out, especially if you're signing up for just a dollar.

Next month's titles have already been revealed, too. In August, expect to receive two more popular VR titles; Mothergunship: Forge and Walkabout Mini Golf. As is the case with the PS Plus Essential tier, you'll retain access to all Meta Quest Plus games so long as you maintain your subscription, though you're also able to cancel at any time.

Overall, Meta Quest Plus does seem like decent value, especially if you're just starting out with one of the best VR headsets and are looking for games to play on the cheap. However, longevity of the service will entirely depend on the quality of games Meta chooses to host. It's a strong first couple months, but that may not be a consistent theme in the long run.

It's also not quite as strong a value proposition as Xbox Game Pass, which despite its recent price increase, still offers a vast library of downloadable games at a similar monthly cost of $10.99 / £8.99 for the base package. Even still, Meta Quest Plus has chosen some solid VR games to start with; here's hoping that high bar can be consistently met as the months roll on.

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