Experimental art game Nour: Play With Your Food is releasing in two weeks

A screenshot of a bathtub filled with ice cream in Nour: Play With Your Food.
(Image credit: Panic Games)

The weird and wonderful experimental food art game, Nour: Play With Your Food, just got a release date: gamers can dive into it in just two weeks’ time on September 12.

A new trailer shown during the Panic Games Showcase today (Tuesday, August 29) shined a light on more of the unique game’s gorgeous and surreal visuals and scenarios. From flying boba to an explosion of burger parts, players are able to interact with various dishes in a multitude of ways in more than 20 interactive vignettes. Oh, and there’s a photo mode, too, so you can choose to create some perfect Instagram-ready virtual food shots, or just throw ingredients everywhere and capture the chaos. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

Nour is unconventional and wild, and it was a delight to make. We set out to make a game with no goals or objectives, other than experiencing the joy of freely interacting with highly-detailed representations of the delicious food and snacks we enjoy every day,” Nour’s creative lead, Tj Hughes, said in a PlayStation Blog post. “Now we’re done, and we hope you give Nour a taste when it releases on September 12.”

Terrifying Jellyfish's upcoming title is going to be released on PS4, PS5, PC, and Mac, but the showcase revealed that PS5 users in particular are in for a rather special experience thanks to the utilization of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, as well as its microphone. It was previously shown that the mic can be used to blow food around, but it’s also now been revealed that you can sing to your noodles to make them float, which is a feature that I believe every game needs from now on. It's important.

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