Epic Games is introducing voice reporting to Fortnite, and here's how to do it

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Epic Games is adding a voice reporting system to Fortnite allowing players to use up to five minutes of audio when reporting others. 

In a new technical blog, Epic Games outlined all the latest additions to Fortnite when it comes to player reporting, including the new voice recording feature. Fortnite will now automatically store any data you choose to upload from your local device (a PC or Xbox Series X|S and PS5) to its own specialized reporting system.

Voice reporting will now be the default, though you can turn off recordings in your settings if you wish. However, if you're under 18 or play in groups of various ages with different settings, you will be unable to disable recordings. 

"We wanted to build our voice reporting system in a way that ensured it was the participants’ devices (not the Epic Games servers) that captured audio, and that participants could affirmatively choose whether to submit audio evidence to Epic for review," the blog post explains. "We made a deliberate design choice to build a system that does not capture or monitor all voice traffic out of respect for players’ privacy and choices."

Epic Games has gone above and beyond to ensure that the system will be as accurate as possible. "We use public key cryptography to generate digital signatures so voice packets can be attributed to the correct participant." the blog post details. 

Now the reporting system is live; players will have to generate a signing key pair once they log on. This will be used to help identify players. After this, once a player joins a voice channel, they will receive a copy of everyone's signed tokens. This ensures that players can exchange public keys in the knowledge that Epic Games will have access to every player's correctly attributed keys.

While all of this may seem complicated, the reality is quite simple. Epic Games has devised a thorough system to help identify and report any players who might be ruining the experience with poor conduct. So, instead of worrying about players raging all night, you can relax and enjoy the Fortnite Chapter 4 season OG release and dive headfirst back into all of these iconic maps.

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