Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 streamer gets the game's best weapon camo after 76-hour grind

Modern Warfare 3
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A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 streamer has earned what is arguably the game's most sought-after weapon camo after an absurd amount of grinding.

IGN reports that the streamer, Reidboyy, spent just shy of 76 hours to unlock Modern Warfare 3's Interstellar weapon camo. Equipped with the Nicki Minaj character skin during his playtime, Reidboyy finally unlocked the camo just over three days and 14,000 online multiplayer kills later.

The Interstellar weapon camo is particularly coveted for its animated galaxy aesthetic, coating weapons in a gorgeous galactic landscape dotted with stars and distant planets.

Unlocking the camo is considered one of the game's toughest challenges. It requires players to earn the Priceless Camo for every gun in the Modern Warfare 3 weapons list. To get those, players must complete each weapon's list of camo challenges, hence the vast amount of time and number of kills accrued to finally obtain the Interstellar weapon camo.

The grind could've taken even longer, but Reidboyy understandably elected to complete the challenge as efficiently as possible. He did so by primarily playing War Mode to quickly farm kills due to the 6v6 mode's relatively faster spawns.

Over on Twitter, Reidboyy stressed that some of the challenges involved along the way were far from a cakewalk, with one involving a 16-hour hunt for Claymore mines with the Engineer Vest perk equipped, which allows players to spot enemy equipment more easily.

Reidboyy isn't quite done after undergoing such a grueling time sink, though. He now plans to move onto Zombies mode to unlock its most sought-after weapon camo: Borealis.

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