The officially licensed Seagate PS5 SSD is still discounted to its lowest price in months ahead of Prime Day

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This PS5 SSD deal is still worth shouting about as we head toward Prime Day, so if you've been needing to upgrade your storage then this could be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Right now, you can get the officially licensed 1TB Seagate Game Drive NVMe SSD for $97 at Amazon (down from a lofty $134.99). This is the drive's lowest price since late February and brings it down to the same territory as budget brands' 1TB options. Getting something of this quality in that price category is a steal. 

Save on Seagate PS5 SSDs right now

Seagate Game Drive PS5 SSD 1TB: $134.99 $97 at Amazon

Seagate Game Drive PS5 SSD 1TB: was $134.99 now $97 at Amazon
This is the drive's lowest price since March and represents excellent value considering that this is a top-tier drive from a top-tier brand. You can have the utmost confidence in this drive and the Seagate pedigree often makes it attractive even when not discounted. At this price, however, it's a no-brainer.

Price check: Best Buy - $134.99 | Walmart - $97

UK price: Argos - £141.99

Seagate Game Drive PS5 SSD 2TB: $214.99 $199.99 at Amazon

Seagate Game Drive PS5 SSD 2TB: was $214.99 now $199.99 at Amazon
If you're looking to go big then the 2TB model is discounted right now - though sadly not to a lowest ever or to a severely discounted rate. However, if you're in need of a 2TB high-quality drive and need it soon, then this is a superb one to pull the trigger on.

Price check: Best Buy - $199.99 | Walmart - $199.99

UK price: Argos - £241.99

Offering read and write speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s and 6000MB/s respectively, a bespoke heatsink, and Sony's sticker of approval all make for a great drive that'll be a boon to your PS5 setup. Remember, an SSD like this can run all PS5 and PS4 games directly so there's no transferring necessary.

Ahead of the Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals, this is about as good as it gets and is definitely a deal on a top SSD for PS5 to jump on if you want to avoid the rush or potential availability problems.

If you're looking to keep your options open ahead of Amazon Prime Day, or aren't in the US, then our below price-finding tech will dig up the latest and lowest prices on the Game Drive NVMe SSD as well as Seagate's excellent FireCuda 530 drive below to give you options.

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