The latest PS5 restock at Amazon sells out - where to find a console next

Amazon PS5 restock
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Update: The latest PS5 restock at Amazon US has now sold out. The retailer sent the first wave of invites to those who signed up for updates on when to buy the Sony console on August 8. Now, though, it's sold out. If you're not registered yet, you can head to Amazon now to submit your details. Keep an eye on Walmart, too, as it's rumoured that the PS5 will go on sale there later this month.

For those in the UK, the PS5 is still available to buy from the link below - as well as all the following retailers we've highlighted on our PS5 restock hub.

It's been a long time coming, but Amazon has finally announced that its next PS5 restock will take place today, August 8. The good news is that you no longer need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to purchase a console, but, this latest restock is only open to those who previsouly registered their details as you will need an exclusive link to buy the PS5.

"[The] next wave of invites will be sent on 8/8/2022 to qualifying customers," reads a message on the PS5 store page at Amazon. This same message is repeated on the page for the recent PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle. Both should be available to buy today, then, if you are one of the lucky chosen ones.

There's no information on what time these invites will be sent out, although previous restock events have taken place from 11am ET / 8am PT. Your best option is to keep an eye on your inbox throughout the day. Just don't smash that refresh button too hard. You will want to be quick, though, as even if Amazon says the link you receive is valid for 72 hours, we're almost certain that the console will sell out way before the end of that window.

Today's PS5 restock at Amazon

PS5: $499 at Amazon

PS5: $499 at Amazon
Amazon is sending out invites today to customers who registered their interest in buying Sony's latest console. You need to follow the exclusive link in that email and you will be able to buy the console. It's valid for 72 hours, but it's almost certainly guaranteed that the console will sell out way before this deadline.

PS5 | Horizon Forbidden West: $549.99 at Amazon

PS5 | Horizon Forbidden West: $549.99 at Amazon
There was also the option to register your interest for the recent PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West bundle at Amazon. Invites to buy this are also scheduled to be sent out today so keep an eye on your inbox for that, too. This bundle includes a PS5 and a copy of the PlayStation exclusive for $50 more than the console by itself, which is technically a saving of around $20 off the ful price of the game.

PS5: £449.99 at Amazon UK

PS5: £449.99 at Amazon UK
Those in the UK can get involved with the excitement as the PS5 is available to buy right now at Amazon too. There's less of a rush on this as the console is widely available at many UK retailers. However, this is one of the few places that just have the console by itself, compared to all the bigger and pricey bundles.

It's been a long wait for this moment, as Amazon hasn't had Sony's latest console available to buy for almost two months. Many other US retailers have been quiet lately, too, suggesting that there are bigger restocks on the horizon. After the recent in-store restock at GameStop, there's now strong rumours that Walmart will sell the console later this month. More chances are coming, then, if you aren't successful today.

If you do come away with a PS5, you can also take a look at any extras you might like to pair with your new console in our hub dedicated to all the latest PS5 deals. We also have more specific guides on where to find some PS5 game deals to get the best prices on the latest releases, a cheap PS5 controller if you want to get on some multiplayer action from day one and the best PS5 SSD deals to expand the storage space in your console for less.

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