Need a great password manager for a bargain price? Keeper is now 30% off

Keeper on Phone and Tablet
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If you recall, last month saw the annual occurrence of ‘world password day’, reminding us all of the importance of the humble security measure. But we already know how important passwords are... right?

Well, no, we don’t. At least not everyone does, judging by the unending stream of reports highlighting bad practices and the sheer amount of seriously flawed and easily crackable passwords out there.

Yes, people are still using ‘password’ and ‘123456’, or something else equally shambolic in terms of its security (or lack thereof). These are the kinds of passwords that fly in the face of belief, and can literally be guessed in seconds.

The problem is that it’s all too tempting to use those kinds of easily memorable passwords to aid with recall, even in corporate settings (where staff really should know better).

However, there is another way to beat the memory blues, and use super-secure passwords that don't need to be stored in your head: we're talking about password managers.

A good password manager will take care of all your credential needs, creating and storing strong passwords across all your online accounts with no fuss - your only remaining dilemma is which app to choose. 

Thankfully, we have a rundown of the best password manager solutions out there, and it just so happens that one of our top picks, Keeper password manger, is 30% off right now (and any add-ons are discounted by 30%, too).

Keeper Unlimited Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £20.99 per year| 1 user
Save 30% - This plan caters for one user, giving them unlimited password storage across all devices. Keeper also boasts other features such as filling in online forms automatically, to name one.

Keeper Family Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Family Plan: £50.39 per year  | 5 users
Save 30% - The Family plan offers the same features as Unlimited, but it gives you coverage for up to five users, all of whom get a private vault for storing sensitive data.

There are two Keeper subscription plans you can benefit from. The entry-level offering is Keeper Unlimited, which is designed for a single user, covering an unlimited number of passwords across every one of their devices.

If you need more, the second plan is Keeper Family, which is the same as the above Unlimited subscription, but provides support for up to five users, not just one. Plus, each of those users gets a secure vault in which they can store sensitive data (10GB of secure cloud storage is provided).

Don’t forget that when buying one of these plans, you can choose to bundle add-ons, which are also currently 30% off. For example, there’s KeeperChat, which offers end-to-end encryption for your messages (when being sent, and at rest), to ensure that your private chats stay private.

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