After a top-class password manager? Keeper is now 40% off

Keeper password manager on a laptop
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Do you struggle to remember your passwords? You're certainly not alone. After all, it's not easy to come up with multiple passwords that are suitably strong, but memorable; not without resorting to jotting them down.

And we all know that's very bad security practice, although there are worse tricks in the password fail book, like using the same password over and over for all your sites and services. Or using ridiculously simplistic passwords that are easily guessable (like '123456' or 'qwerty' and all those other classics).

There is one easy way to take care of password business without potentially opening yourself up to being compromised in one way or another, and that's to avail yourself of the convenience of a password manager. These apps automatically generate strong and secure passwords for all your online accounts and services, with no effort required on your part.

$20.98/year (opens in new tab)

Keeper Unlimited Plan: $20.98/year (opens in new tab)| 1 user
Save 40% - The perfect plan for a single user, with features including unlimited password storage, strong password generation, autofill, biometric login and more. This deal runs until July 1.

$44.98/year (opens in new tab)

Keeper Family Plan: $44.98/year (opens in new tab)  | 5 users
Save 40% - Up to five users get all the awesome features of the Unlimited plan, plus a personal private vault for sensitive files. This more extensive plan comes with the same 40% discount as the above offer, and again runs until July 1.

Keeper is one of our favorite solutions when it comes to password managers, and given that the company currently has impressive offers on both the Individual and Family plans, there's never been a better time to buy. In fact, both plans are now close to half-price.

Keeper Unlimited (opens in new tab) is the version which is designed for one user, whereas with Keeper Family (opens in new tab) you get the same protection, except coverage is extended to five users (and every user gets a private vault, too).

Both of these plans provide core password management capabilities across an unlimited number of devices, along with extra features like the ability to use the fingerprint sensor on an Android phone to login (or Face ID on an iOS device, for that matter).

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