Need a connected home for Christmas? Here's how you can get great Wi-Fi in a matter of seconds

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Getting your hands on a new smartphone, tablet, or console at Christmas can be the best feeling in the world, but being stuck with a slow connection can leave you unable to make the most of your new favourite gizmo and take some of the shine away from what could, and should, be a great day. 

If your Christmas day is anything like mine, it's more than likely that your broadband connection will be integral to the enjoyment of your day, whether that's to sit and watch a festive classic, set up and play on your new console, or catch up on the TV you missed after the inevitable post-dinner snooze. 

According to Openreach, in 2022, December in the UK saw the most internet use from across the entire year, with the country using a whopping, 5,996 Petabytes of data. Boxing Day was the second busiest day of the year for internet usage, with the first being only two weeks earlier on December 11th. With annual usage going up 2.5% across the UK in 2022, and this number expected to increase, it's clear that the UK loves to be connected, especially in December, making it all the more important that you get the best option possible for your home.

Getting the best broadband deal to get you connected quickly this Christmas means going for one simple, but effective, solution, 5G broadband. 5G broadband is the perfect solution to give you quick and efficient access to high-speed internet. If you're wondering why that's the case, here's a quick breakdown of why a 5G broadband deal might sprout some festive cheer.

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Great connection speeds 

If you're expecting to be downloading, streaming, or gaming this Christmas, there's no need to fear. With 5G broadband, you need not worry about losing out on the high speeds you've come to expect from fibre broadband deals. In Ookla testing, 5G networks were capable of download speeds up to 265Mbps. With speeds like these, if you want to download an HD film to watch as a family, it could be done in as little as two minutes.

For the gamers in the house, 5G broadband can achieve latencies as low as 30ms which, whilst not being as low as some fibre connections, is more than low enough to comfortably game without experiencing connectivity issues, plus, with the download speeds mentioned above, they'll never need to worry about waiting excessively to play the latest games, for example, all 140GB of Starfield would take just over 1hr 10mins to install, crazy, right?

It takes seconds to set up

That's right, just like your Christmas tree lights, 5G broadband is as simple as plug in and enjoy! Since 5G broadband uses a SIM card like those used in your phone, once you're plugged in and have inserted your SIM card, you can connect all the devices you need to in your home. 

What's more, if you prefer an ethernet connection, many 5G routers still feature ethernet connectivity to enable you to hook up your most important devices to the router directly and ensure the very best speeds. 

If you start experiencing issues with your connection, fixing them quickly is simple. All you need to do is unplug your router, move it to an area of your home with stronger reception, and plug it back in. If you are unsure as to where is best for your router, many 5G broadband providers also have an app that can help you not only set up your device but also find the optimal location for it in your home. 

Cheap and flexible deals

Since 5G broadband deals are often provided by mobile network providers, more often than not, you can find great 5G broadband deals that are on 30-day rolling contracts, 18-month contracts, and 24-month contracts, and often for a cheaper price than their fibre competition. 

This means if you are unsure as to how good a connection you will get, whether you need higher speeds, or are simply a try-before-you-buy kind of person, you can use your device for a month, and then either cancel it or consider moving to a longer term, cheaper contract. Or, if you are happy signing up for the long-haul instantly, you can quickly find great ways to save on your broadband bill without sacrificing your connection speed. 

If you're looking for more ways to save, grabbing a 5G broadband deal can also help. Often 5G broadband deals are provided by mobile networks, and once you are signed up, you can access great existing customer offers to help you save on new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more. 

Today's best 5G broadband deal

Today's best 5G broadband deal

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £22 per month after:

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £22 per month after:

Get 5G home broadband with Three, the UK's fastest 5G network. With download speeds up to 265Mb/s and latencies as low as 34ms with no need for an engineer to install your connection, simply plug in, insert your SIM card, and go!

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