Three ways Microsoft 365 can maximise your potential

Microsoft 365
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You may have heard about Microsoft 365’s headline features, like access to all those must-have productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and OneNote, but these are just one part of its appeal. Microsoft 365 comes with an absolute ton of features to help make your everyday tasks a breeze, bring you peace of mind over your security and deliver a seamless experience over all your devices – not just your new computer.

It’s a single plan that cuts across almost everything you do on your phone, laptop and tablet. Want to know more? Read on and we’ll fill you in on some of Microsoft 365’s best bits. 

Protect what's important

Included with Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Defender*, which makes managing your digital security a cinch. Defender is always working to keep your data and devices safe while web browsing, it safeguards up to five of your devices with antivirus protection and automatically scans** email attachments and links for anything untoward.

Also, you can save with confidence as documents, photos, and videos saved in OneDrive are secure and accessible on any device.

Bring your ideas to life

Want to give your documents a bit of va-va-voom? Take your upcoming work presentation to the next level? Microsoft 365 comes with built-in tools to help you refine and perfect your ideas with ease in the form of smart suggestions, helping you go from “almost there” to “done and dusted”.

For documents, that means advanced spelling, grammar and writing assistance courtesy of Microsoft Editor, plus formatting, font and style tips to turn dull docs into a designer’s dream.

Meanwhile, polish up your presentations with tools to help fine-tune your speaking skills, not to mention add some eye-catching visuals courtesy of Microsoft 365’s library of royalty-free content including icons, templates, fonts and stock photos. 

Microsoft 365

(Image credit: Currys)

Easy to use across multiple devices

Don’t let those everyday jobs drag you down or eat up your precious time. Whether you’re on a PC, Mac, phone or tablet, Microsoft 365 Personal makes everyday tasks much easier – not to mention faster – to help keep you on track. It works on up to five of your own devices simultaneously and offers a massive 1TB of secure online cloud storage for your files, photos, videos, emails and more, all of which can be accessed from anywhere.

Photo and video sharing, for example, is wonderfully simple thanks to Microsoft 365’s familiar user experience, accessibility features and that aforementioned secure cloud storage. Wherever your files are saved, you can get your hands on them and easily share them with friends and family – even if they don’t have Microsoft 365 themselves.

And there’s great news if you want to try Microsoft 365 Personal yourself: right now Currys are offering a huge saving of £20 when you buy Microsoft 365 Personal with selected laptops. Head to the Currys website for more details.

*Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription required.

** Features apply to customers who have an,,, or account.