You can now save $170 on the Apple MacBook Air M2 in this limited-time deal

The Apple MacBook Air M2 13-inch laptop saw incredible popularity upon release in mid-2022 and you can currently save 17% off the Apple MacBook Air M2 13-inch on Amazon

Apple's ultra-lightweight laptop quickly grew to be one of the most popular laptops thanks to its design, portability, and the raw power of the M2 Chip -- even in a MacBook Air. Now, the M2 chip has been upgraded to the even more powerful M3 chip, and the MacBook Air has also been upgraded to this new chip. Because of this, retailers are showing discounts on the M2 generation MacBook Airs to clear the shelves. 

Now, you can get the base 256GB/8GB RAM variant for well under $1000 ($829 to be exact) in this latest Amazon deal. But you'll need to act fast as we don't know how long this deal will last. The laptop is also discounted by $150 at Best Buy.

Apple MacBook Air M2 deal at Amazon

Save $170 on the Apple MacBook Air M2 13-inch on Amazon

Save $170 on the Apple MacBook Air M2 13-inch on Amazon
Save an incredible 17% on the Apple MacBook Air M2 256GB, 8GB RAM model. Now that Apple has replaced the M2 chip with the M3 chip, retailers like Amazon are selling the laptops with the now-dated chip (2 years). The great news, however, is that the M2 chip remains one of the most powerful processors out there, making this a fantastic lightweight laptop.  

The MacBook Air has always been Apple's lightweight and most affordable laptop, initially intended for consumers, administrative work, portability, and more. It is designed as the counterpart to the MacBook Pro, aimed at heavy professional use requiring significant processing power. 

However, with the new M2 chip, the MacBook Air is now incredibly powerful and capable of handling professional-level tasks while remaining remarkably portable and boasting phenomenal battery life. Apple promotes 18 hours of battery life in this 2.7lb laptop, all while still being able to handle even some of the more complex tasks. It might not have the chops for professional-level video, audio editing, or complex 3D modeling. But in our experience, it's perfect for basic video editing, photo editing, administrative work, spreadsheets, and emails.

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