Calling all content creators - Shure has unveiled the world’s smallest dual-channel clip-on microphone

Close-up of MoveMic clip-on microphone
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Shure boasts some of the best audio tech with an extensive range of headphones, microphones, speakers, and network interfaces. Now it’s about to take professional audio recording a step smaller with MoveMic - the world’s smallest wireless direct-to-phone microphones. 

Shure says the MoveMic is the world’s smallest, best-sounding dual-channel microphone making it an ideal companion for content creators, mobile journalists, and videographers, offering professional audio quality playback. 

MoveMic is available now to purchase online from the Shure store, and at selected retailers, in three kits; a stand-alone single-channel MoveMic One for $249/ £259, dual-channel MoveMic Two for $349/ £349, or a receiver kit for $499/ £499. Current pricing pitches it against the DJI Mic 2 and Rode Wireless Go II

MoveMic for outdoor filming

(Image credit: Shure)

Associate Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management, Eduardo Valdes, stated that "the rise in this style of content has created an ideal opportunity to introduce an incredibly discreet, extraordinary-sounding wireless lavalier microphone system like MoveMic”. 

With MoveMic, we can see why. There’s a growing number of online creatives who rely on lavalier microphones for audio recording and MoveMic’s compact size and light weight 8.2g means it’s designed with discreet placement in mind, and its compatibility factors with video recording apps seem pretty reliable. 

Both single and dual microphones can be seamlessly paired with Shure’s MOTIV audio and video apps, but you may ask; what about third-party apps? That’s where its new receiver come into play, with the standard MoveMic Receiver or the MoveMic Two Receiver kit providing universal compatibility. 

Despite its small but impressionable design, Shure’s new microphones will pack a multitude of features and capabilities for on the go use. MoveMic’s custom built-in acoustic design gives the microphone its ability to record broadcast-quality audio while eradicating background noise, therefore making MoveMic suitable for use in loud and busy environments. 

Shure’s latest venture into recording equipment promises to solve your audio problems with one miniscule microphone, and its capabilities and intricate engineering could do just that - but only time will tell. We’ll be reviewing MoveMic in due course, so do keep an eye on the Techradar Tiktok – the audio for our channel could be delivered by the MoveMic soon.

MoveMic Receiver kit

(Image credit: Shure)

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