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5 Nintendo Switch accessories we want to see discounted this Black Friday

Nintendo Switch accessories on Black Friday
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch has been a game-changing console, raking in huge amounts of money for the House of Mario and switching up the way we play with its hybrid capabilities. 

If you haven't picked a Nintendo Switch up yet then Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be the perfect time to do so - you may even be considering its handheld-only alternative, the Nintendo Switch Lite. But whether you're picking up a brand new console, its compact cousin or simply looking to add to your current Switch collection, you will definitely be needing some great Nintendo Switch accessories to make the most of your Switch experience.

Black Friday is the best time of year to pick up an abundance of Nintendo Switch accessories, including everything from controllers to carry cases and even SD cards. But with so many different accessories to choose from, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Have no fear, here at TechRadar we've compiled a list of five top Switch accessories you should definitely keep an eye out for this Black Friday, based on our own hands-on experience and what we've seen discounted in previous years.

Prefer more choice? We've got you covered. Make sure to check out our full list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories on offer right now.

Nintendo Switch Pro controller

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you're not a big fan of the bundled Joy-Con controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch, and want something a little more traditional, consider picking up the Nintendo Switch Pro controller as your next Nintendo Switch accessory.

Though the Joy-Con controllers do have a grip, which unites them to form a single device, they don't come with traditional D-pads, and they don't look quite as ergonomically sound as these Pro controller upgrades do. 

With their motion controls, HD rumble and Amiibo support, these are a solid alternative to the original Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers that come in the box with a Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles (opens in new tab)Super Smash Bros Ultimate (opens in new tab) and Splatoon 2 (opens in new tab)-themed options are also available.

Typically we see plenty of deals on the varying Pro controller designs during Black Friday, so it's probably the best time to pick one up if you've been waiting for the price to come down a bit. 

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ah the Joy-Cons, the classic Nintendo Switch controller. You get a pair with your console, but if you're wanting to get more friends involved in the fun, or simply want a couple of extra pairs for a rainy day, there's no better time to grab some for cheap than during Black Friday.

Joy-Con pairs are often discounted, and if you're lucky then you may even pick up a fancy pair of neon colored ones rather than the classic blue and red.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con charging grip

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As you might have noticed, the Joy-Con grip that comes boxed with your Nintendo Switch won't charge your Joy-Con controllers... but considering the Joy-Con controllers have around 20 hours of battery life in them, that shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem.

However, if you find yourself testing that 20 hour battery life and often forget to reattach the Joy-Con controllers to your docked console, then it may be worth picking up a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con charging grip. 

This charging device combines the left and right Joy-Con into one controller while charging both. If that's not enough, you can keep playing while the controller charges - meaning you don't miss a minute of playtime. 

We've previously seen discounts on the charging grip from both Nintendo in-house and external retailers during Black Friday - though as the RRP is relatively low already, don't expect huge discounts. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset

(Image credit: HyperX)

This isn't the best gaming headset in the world, but it's one of the most intriguing when it comes to cheap gaming headsets. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is great for those who aren't hugely picky when it comes to their Nintendo Switch headset and simply want something affordable that does what it says on the tin.

Though it lacks both surround sound and style, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the best headset in its price bracket. Its 2.1 stereo sound is top-notch, with its dual-chamber drivers producing less distortion and better low-end sounds. 

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is already decently priced, but when you add that Black Friday discount, you'll be looking at an absolute steal. Even better, it works with PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. However, it's worth noting you could pickup a better headset for a decent discount if you're willing to spend a bit more.

HORI Nintendo Switch Pikachu Alumi Case (Gold)

(Image credit: HORI)

There's no getting around how adorable this Nintendo Switch carry case is - it's probably our favorite on the market. 

Officially licensed by Nintendo, this Pikachu-themed accessory comes in the form of a gold, metal case featuring everyone's favorite Pokémon.

The metal sheen and gold coloring is enough to sell this in our minds. You might not get the shock absorption of some of the other cases in this list, and you won't fit much in aside from the console itself and five game cartridges, but judging by looks alone Hori's case warrants a place. The lightning bolt design on the inner lining is pretty neat too.

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