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Sooner or later, we will all encounter that pesky regional restriction when watching YouTube, (if we haven’t already). To counter that, we need to use a good proxy. This software has more uses than one, and not only can it unblock the websites for your viewing pleasure, but it can also serve as a cloaking tool of sorts.

Using a proxy with YouTube means you will be able to watch any content you want, without ever see the dreaded “This video is not available in your country” message. It is a simple, yet super effective solution to quite a common problem.

With that in mind, we did a thorough work of rounding up the best proxies out there for YouTube, so you can find the one that suits you. Read on.

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Factors to consider while choosing the best proxy for YouTube 

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Before we walk you through our vetted recommendations, let’s reveal the secrets to choosing the best proxy for YouTube. To make the most out of your investment, consider the following factors when picking up a proxy provider:

Speed: First things first, an agile proxy ensures smooth streaming. This eventually minimizes frustrating lags and buffering periods. On the other hand, a slow proxy can turn your YouTube experience into a slideshow. Always look for a proxy that mimics your usual connection.

Server Locations: If you're using a proxy to bypass regional restrictions, check the proxy's server locations, including the regions that typically host the content you want to access. For instance, if you love J-pop, ensure your proxy has servers in Japan.

Security and Privacy: One of the primary jobs of proxies is to provide you with additional security and privacy. Look for services that offer robust encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. In addition, a no-log policy is crucial to ensure your browsing history isn't being tracked or stored.

Reliability and Uptime: Nothing is more frustrating than a service that keeps going down. Always opt for a proxy provider with a reputation for high uptime and reliability. 24/7 customer support is an added advantage in case of any technical hitches.

Ease of Use: An intuitive, user-friendly interface can significantly enhance your overall experience. Choose a service that's easy to use, even for the non-tech-savvy.

Pricing: Finally, consider the cost of the proxy. A good provider should balance cost and quality, providing solid features without breaking the bank. Be wary of free proxies, as they may lack performance and security. 

We've listed the best free proxies.

Best proxies for YouTube of 2024 in full:

Best proxy for YouTube overall


(Image credit: IPRoyal)
Multilanguage browsing

Reasons to buy

Easy signup
Features a functional affiliate system 
Remote access
Policy management 
Multiple protocols

If you have been in the proxy scene for a while, you may have heard about IPRoyal. The provider offers compelling proxy services for YouTube with automatic IP rotation and rotating & sticky proxies.  

IPRoyal features a unique system of resource sharing through IPRoyal Pawns. This allows users to monetize their idle resources. This is a rare feature in the proxy service market, and IPRoyal leaves BeeProxy and TheSocialProxy behind in this aspect. 

While the provider offers extended global location support, a smaller IP pool may sometimes limit the number of IPs available. This may impact the overall user experience. On a positive note, the platform provides proxy list generation from the user dashboard, offering a customizable user experience.

However, the provision of unlimited concurrent sessions, though seemingly liberating, could potentially affect performance if overused.

One significant strength lies in IPRoyal's 24/7 live chat customer support, alongside excellent device compatibility. However, the requirement of extensive personal information to sign up raises privacy concerns. 

In a nutshell, IPRoyal offers an array of features that make it a worthy contender in the proxy service market. 

Read our full IPRoyal review.

Best proxy for YouTube for privacy

Website screenshot for TheSocialProxy

(Image credit: TheSocialProxy)

2. TheSocialProxy

Straightforward application interface

Reasons to buy

Unlimited bandwidth
Robust API
Free trial (1 day) and refund (3 days)
Segregated authentication alternatives 

Next on our list is TheSocialProxy. It embodies a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and innovative service provision. The provider’s unique selling proposition is its 4G and 5G mobile proxies supply, marking an unfailing commitment to keeping pace with digital evolution. In fact, the 5G proxies set the provider apart from BeeProxy.

TheSocialProxy proxies offer sheer speed while being completely legitimate. The assertion of these proxies is truly private and raw, lending a refreshing layer of credibility and authenticity. According to the company, it only uses IPs that mirror those of real, genuine users. This negates any involvement of questionable botnets. 

The platform stands out for its multilocation feature, enabling users to circumvent geo-restrictions effortlessly. Plus, using the feature is a breeze, too — just a few clicks needed. 

However, you’ll have to pay the total price to use the multilocation feature — no discounts can be applied to the plan. The feature allows you to switch locations twice a month and empowers up to five proxies to facilitate these seamless shifts each day. 

TheSocialProxy is highly committed to privacy. It offers private ports from private modems and exclusive access to a specific IP, keeping it ahead in the race. 

Possibly, the crown jewel of TheSocialProxy's offerings is its access to an ISP IP pool. This feature adds flexibility and guarantees maximum anonymity.

TheSocialProxy for YouTube brings forth a truly future-proof solution for proxy services. With a steadfast focus on privacy, stability, and convenience, the service is designed to satisfy even the most demanding user. 

The only downside is the provider doesn’t score an A+ when it comes to customer support. That said, the representatives are still helpful and responsive. 

Best proxy for YouTube for affordable packages

Website screenshot for Shifter

(Image credit: Shifter)

3. Shifter

Affordable packages

Reasons to buy

Numerous locations 
Features authorization and IP refresh
Straightforward refund policy 
Quick and responsive customer support 

Standing as a monolith in the world of internet proxy providers, Shifter's roots trace back to 2012 as Microleaves. The provider’s metamorphosis over the years into a top-tier proxy service provider evidences its value and versatility.

Shifter prides itself on boasting one of the largest proxy networks in the industry. It has an IP pool exceeding 50 million. This behemoth offering bolsters Shifter's robustness, allowing it to surpass BeeProxy, TheSocialProxy, and IPRoyal. 

Furthermore, Shifter’s non-metered back-connect proxies set the provider apart from its peers. This unique feature ensures that users' internet connections remain active, regardless of bandwidth consumption. For users prioritizing uninterrupted connectivity, Shifter offers an appealing proposition.

However, the service has some inevitable hiccups. Some users have reported connection errors and modest connection speeds compared to similar providers. While these factors might deter speed-oriented users, Shifter's strengths often outweigh these concerns for those prioritizing quantity and cost over connection velocity.

The platform's user interface may initially appear complex. However, users have praised its intuitive design once familiarized. Shifter's IP authentication process, eschewing traditional username/password dynamics in favor of IP addresses, ensures user convenience. 

Overall, Shifter, with its extensive IP pool and unique unmetered proxies, presents a compelling choice. It’s ideal for users seeking a powerful and cost-effective proxy solution for YouTube. 

Best proxy for YouTube for ease of use

Website screenshot for Smartproxy

(Image credit: Smartproxy)

4. Smartproxy

Free tools with any plan subscription

Reasons to buy

Detailed documentation 
Rotating and sticky sessions 
3-days free trial 
Traffic usage monitoring
Supports various integrations like scrapers, sneaker bots, etc.

Redefining the dimensions of proxy services, Smartproxy emerges as a formidable solution for users seeking localized data access. With an impressive global footprint spanning 195 locations, this provider flexibly addresses the needs of a broad range of internet users.

The linchpin of Smartproxy's offering is undoubtedly its staggering repository of 55 million+ high-quality residential IPs. They showcase average speeds of less than 0.5 seconds. This makes it an ideal tool for seamless access to international content on YouTube.

The Smart Wallet feature simplifies payment management. Besides, round-the-clock support ensures timely assistance for any concerns or queries. If that wasn’t enough, Smartproxy also provides detailed documentation, further enhancing the user experience. 

While Smart Proxy's data center IPs lack locations, its overall performance and features conceal these downsides. To sum it up, Smartproxy combines speed, security, and accessibility in an impressively user-friendly package. 

Best proxy for YouTube FAQs

YouTube proxy FAQ

1. What is a YouTube proxy?

A YouTube proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary for your requests to access YouTube videos. It hides your original IP address and allows you to browse the internet and access content with a new IP address, typically from a different location. 

2. Why would I need a proxy for YouTube?

If you've ever encountered a YouTube video that is "not available in your country," then a proxy can help. Some content on YouTube is region-specific, meaning it's only accessible to people from certain countries. A proxy helps bypass these restrictions by masking your original IP and providing a new one from a location where the content is accessible.

3. Are all YouTube proxies the same?

No, not all YouTube proxies are created equal. The speed, security, server locations, uptime, ease of use, and pricing differ from one proxy to another. Some proxies offer additional features like encryption and a no-log policy for enhanced privacy. 

4. Are YouTube proxies legit?

In most countries, using a proxy is perfectly legal. However, it's important to use it responsibly. Remember, while a proxy can give you access to region-blocked content, it does not give you the right to view or distribute copyrighted material illegally. Always respect the content creators' rights and the platform's terms of service.

5. Are free proxies a good option for YouTube?

The idea of a free proxy might be tempting. However, free proxies are generally slower due to high demand. Besides, they may lack robust security features, putting your data at risk. 


YouTube proxies are your go-to solution whenever you want to watch YouTube with no interruptions. In case you’re having trouble choosing the best proxy for YouTube, we recommend that you take a look at our research-backed recommendations. In any case, as with every product, make sure you understand what you need first before you make a decision.

We've also listed the best residential proxy.

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