Best datacenter proxies of 2024

Considering these advantages, it is no wonder that dedicated datacenter proxies are gaining popularity. However, finding a reliable and efficient provider can be difficult. While shared datacenter proxies could also be a solution, dedicated proxies provide exclusive use of IP addresses, enhancing security and control. To help you select a suitable solution, we have curated a list of the top datacenter proxy providers that will assist you in making an informed decision in this increasingly important area.

Among the numerous proxies present online that cover a wide range of requirements and scenarios, datacenter proxies emerge as a versatile choice, especially if you need security for business emails, safeguarding from phishing attacks, or performing market research. Such proxies represent IP addresses not linked to residential ISPs. A few key distinctions emerge if you compare datacenter proxies to other available solutions. Namely, they’re cheaper compared to residential proxies, and if provided by a reputable source, they have a more consistent speed and overall performance. 

We've listed the best proxies.

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How to pick the best datacenter proxy 

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Before walking you through the specifics of the top five datacenter proxies, let’s help you comprehend the critical factors influencing the decision-making process. Here's what you should keep in mind.

Security: One of the most significant factors you should consider is the security the proxy server offers. It should provide robust encryption and security protocols. This will help ensure the utmost safety for your data and online activities.

Speed: Your chosen proxy server should not compromise your internet speed. Generally, high-quality proxies guarantee excellent speed, reliability, and minimal downtime.

Geographical coverage: A wide geographical reach is an essential feature for proxies. It allows you to access content from various countries. This further enables you to bypass regional or national restrictions.

Anonymity: A proxy is not serving its purpose if it fails to maintain your anonymity. It should always protect your IP address from exposure to other internet users and servers.

Compatibility: The proxy server should be compatible with a diverse range of devices and operating systems. This will help ensure maximum accessibility and functionality.

Convenience: Even non-tech-savvy users should find the proxy user-friendly. The setting up and navigation process of your chosen provider should be hassle-free and flawless.  

We've also listed the best IP address tools.

The best datacenter proxies of 2024 in full:

Best datacenter proxy overall


(Image credit: IPRoyal)
Guided web scraping solutions with popular programming languages

Reasons to buy

Round-the-clock chat and email support
Resource-rich blog section with quickstart documents and tutorials
Premium HTTP and HTTPS support
Distinct anonymity 
Enhanced account security with two-factor authentication

Product offering

IPRoyal is a tried-and-tested datacenter proxy service provider headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.  The provider offers a wealth of proxy solutions for users globally.

IPRoyal features an expansive library of over 8 million IPs. They include residential, datacenters, mobile (3G/4G/5G), and specialty sneaker proxies. 


The provider has strategically enhanced its platform with handy Chrome and Firefox extensions. With an integrated suite of management tools, these extensions facilitate seamless switching between proxies. In addition, they ensure the convenient configuration of proxy profiles. Besides, you can create specific rules for each proxy usage without altering the operating system. 

IPRoyal’s geographical coverage is almost universal. Its proxies are available in virtually every country. Therefore, you can consider it a robust solution for bypassing geoblocking and accessing international content. IPRoyal claims to boast 2 million+ ethically sourced proxies across 195 countries. This huge collection is complemented by a further 6 million IPs offered through sneaker and datacenter proxies. The primary countries include Germany, the UK, the US, France, etc. 

IPRoyal’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Users can conveniently manage their subscriptions, add new proxies, and access necessary information about each proxy type. There’s a dedicated setting area that you can use for customizing general settings or adding funds to your account. 

However, IPRoyal doesn’t offer any dedicated mobile app for proxy management. Instead, it equips its users with the IPRoyal Pawns app —  a tool to earn passive income by sharing an internet connection. 


IPRoyal’s flagship datacenter proxies feature rational pricing. For the 30 days option, the pricing starts at $1.39per proxy. This is their starting package, and you can enjoy more savings on bulk purchases, also if you opt to subscribe for 90 days, you can get a 10% discount.

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Best datacenter proxy for global coverage


(Image credit: OxyLabs)
Impressive global coverage

Reasons to buy

Zero limitations on concurrent sessions
Top-notch customer support
Delivers value for large-scale projects
Comprehensive web dashboard

Product offering

The next on our list is Oxylabs. The provider is based out of Lithuania and has been operating since 2015. Over time, Oxylabs has established itself as a reliable, transparent, and versatile datacenter proxy provider. While the industry is still a grey area, Oxylabs stands out because it maintains its operations entirely within legal bounds. 

Regarding the proxy pool, Oxylabs surpasses IPRoyal with its 100 million diverse proxies. The provider covers 195 countries worldwide. The best part is, according to the provider’s claims, their proxies are legitimately collected from trusted suppliers. They inform and obtain consent from end users — this is pretty uncommon in the industry.


Such white practice separates Oxylabs from its peers. However, the provider doesn’t limit their ethical efforts only to the sourcing process. Instead, they also make it a point to only use certified datacenters, ensuring the highest degree of legitimacy. 

Oxylabs’ impressive product portfolio includes datacenters, rotation ISP, residential, etc. Besides, it provides versatile APIs for search engines and e-commerce scrapers. It also has a unique AI and machine learning-driven Web Unblocker plan. 

The said plan aims to mimic human browsing capabilities. In addition, it offers JavaScript rendering to circumnavigate any issues autonomously.

Like IPRoyal, Oxylabs also offers flexible geotargeting with superior customization options. What’s more, subnets don’t feature any set limit, allowing users to access from 4-1,000 subnets depending on their business requirements. 

Unlike IPRoyal, Oxylabs doesn’t limit its number of IPs. This ensures a distinctive level of convenience. When it comes to performance, Oxylabs stakes its claim on an impressive 99.95% success rate.  

On the other hand, its web scraper IPs, or Web Unblocker, ensure human-like browsing and CAPTCHA bypassing. The SERP Scraper API’s extensive data extraction delivers results in CSV or JSON format. Much like IPRoyal, Oxylabs does not offer a free proxy service.


On the pricing front, Oxylabs offers dedicated datacenter proxies starting at $8.25/month for 3 datacenter IPs, which is $2.75 per IP. The prices decrease with higher-tiered plans, reaching as low as $2/IP for 500 IPs, or $1,000 a month. For anything higher than that, you'll have to contact the sales department.

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Best datacenter proxy for performance


(Image credit: RayoByte)

3. RayoByte

Caters to multitasking needs

Reasons to buy

Unlimited bandwidth service 
Provision for concurrent connections 
Lighting fast, unlimited browsing experience 
Highly committed to security 

Product offering

If you’re looking for an exclusive datacenter proxy provider, RayoByte may be your go-to alternative. The provider offers three types of datacenter proxies: rotating, dedicated, and semi-dedicated. Besides, it supports three standard protocols — HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. 

RayoByte’s diversity extends to its authentication process. You can choose from user/password authentication and IP whitelisting.


Boasting lightning-fast network speeds, RayoByte proxies utilize both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols to ensure optimal performance. The platform offers a secure website and payment gateways, maintaining user data integrity and ensuring a safe, smooth transaction experience.

Moreover, the service is available in over 25 locations with 34 datacenters. Plus, it aims to expand its global coverage to meet users' requirements in different locations. 

The robust security protocols facilitate efficient eCommerce data extraction, SEO monitoring, ad monitoring, sneaker copping, and social media surfing. All of these services are bolstered by a highly responsive and effective customer service team and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Ease of use is central to the RayoByte experience. The provider offers instant activation post-subscription. The registration process is straightforward. Simply visit the RayoByte website and input your personal details. Then, select your desired subscription type and package (IPv4 or IPv6), proxy type (rotating, dedicated, or semi-dedicated), and your location — and you’re done. 

Numerous user testimonials praise RayoByte’s security. However, you should remember that your intentions or actions may not equate to RayoByte's legitimacy. While Oxylabs stands as the top option in white practices, RayoByte is in no way inferior when it comes to legitimacy. Unlike Oxylabs and IPRoyal, RayoByte doesn’t support scraping on Google.


RayoByte offers basic usage for free. Premium plans, on the other hand, feature different price tags based on their type. The minimum subscription plan for a datacenter proxy starts from $1 monthly (IPv6).  

Best datacenter proxy for web scraping


(Image credit: BrightData)
Exclusive data collector and search engine crawler

Reasons to buy

Web scraping abilities 
Unlimited concurrent sessions
99.16% uptime guarantee (exclusive to residential proxies) 
24/7 customer support 

Product offering

Formerly known as Luminati Networks, Bright Data is a colossus in the realm of web data. With an impressive portfolio of over 3,300 patents and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, it offers an extensive range of proxies that span the globe.

Bright Data flaunts a staggering 72 million shared and exclusive IPs spread across 195 countries. Sourced from real user devices, these offer authenticity and a wide geographic reach. 

However, for those prioritizing speed and reliability, Bright Data also boasts 700,000 proxies derived directly from ISPs.


An interesting feature in Bright Data's portfolio is its mobile proxies — a rarity in the proxy market. These offer IPs from genuine 3G or 4G mobile devices, and with over 7 million on offer, Bright Data stands as the largest peer mobile network.

For simpler requirements, Bright Data's datacenter proxies deliver excellent performance at a lower cost. Yet, they still outstrip much of the competition. The provider showcases a pool of over 1.6 million proxies distributed across more than 3,000 subnets with both country and city-level targeting.

Using Bright Data can be as uncomplicated as setting up its Chrome extension. With no coding required, it's as simple to use as a standard VPN. However, it’s geared more towards intermediate to advanced users. At least, its Chrome extension rating indicates so. (4.2 out of 5 stars).

The only drawback is Bright Data’s daunting web dashboard. It features extensive summary information and various service icons. However, overall it offers a comprehensive overview of your proxy use.


Bright Data’s cost is somehow higher than its peers. Its datacenter proxies are priced at $0.80/IP and $0.110/GB in the Pay-as-you-go plan. There are also additional plans, such as the Micro-package, $10 a month or $0.066/GB; Growth plan, $500 a month or $0.085/GB; and Business plan, $1000 a month or $0.085/GB.

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Best datacenter proxy for ease of use


(Image credit: Smartproxy)
Award-winning performance

Reasons to buy

Offers private proxy services with 99.99% up-time
User-friendly dashboard
Seamless navigation and management 

Product offering

Smartproxy is a versatile provider of various data access services. Since its inception in 2018, the company has maintained consistent growth. Its impressive range of services can easily rival its top-tier competitors like Bright Data, Oxylabs, and RayoByte. In fact, its affordable pricing keeps it way ahead in the race. 

Except for datacenter proxies, Smartproxy deals with residential, shared, and search engine proxies. The latter integrates a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser into a comprehensive scraping API.


Talking about the datacenter proxies, Smartproxy ensures reliability. Besides, they’re adequately agile. Boasting a pool of over 40,000 IP addresses, these proxies are developed within robust datacenters. Most importantly, they’re not linked to any internet service providers. The only flaw is these locations are exclusively US-based and don’t allow state- or city-specific selection.


Smartproxy’s affordability is praiseworthy. The pricing for datacenter proxies begins from $10/month for 100 IPs ($0.1 per IP), or $30/month for 50GB ($0.6 per GB). You can also go for the dedicated option, which starts at $2.5 per IP for 3 IPs.

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Best datacenter proxies FAQs

1. How can you choose the best datacenter proxy?

To choose the best datacenter proxy, you should consider a few factors. They include speed, reliability, and uptime. In addition, you should also check for the number of IPs offered, the geographical locations covered, and the security features.

2. What are the advantages of using datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies offer high speed and performance. Therefore, you can consider them for big tasks like web scraping, data mining, etc. Furthermore, datacenter proxies come with a higher degree of anonymity and security. Since they’re not associated with an internet service provider, you can use them anywhere.

3. How does a proxy service enhance datacenter operations?

A proxy service enhances datacenter operations by providing a layer of security and anonymity. It allows users to mask their IP address, thus protecting against potential cyber threats. Proxy services also help in data mining and web scraping operations by enabling access to geographically restricted data. 

4. Are datacenter proxies legit to use?

Yes,  datacenter proxies are perfectly legal. Like regular proxies, datacenter proxies work as intermediaries between users and the internet. However, unscrupulous users may use them to carry out illegal activities like hacking or spamming. 

5. Can I use datacenter proxies for my business?

Yes, datacenter proxies can be used for business. They’re invaluable for businesses, especially those relying on data-driven insights. Usually, datacenter proxies allow you to collect large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, which further helps with market research. 


Considering everything, datacenter proxies excel at facilitating market research with ease and effectiveness. Additionally, they significantly enhance your online security. When selecting the ideal datacenter proxy for your needs, it's crucial to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages outlined above. Also, it's important to clearly understand your specific requirements to make the best choice.

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