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Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire Rapid review

A small but perfectly formed mechanical gaming keyboard

Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire Rapid
A solid build, attractive design and great responsiveness makes this a fantastic keyboard for gamers

TechRadar Verdict


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    Great build quality

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    Mechanical keys

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    Looks good

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    No NUM pad

Mechanical keyboards bring numerous benefits to online gamers. They are fast, responsive, feel great to use and are built to last.

The Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire Rapid is smaller than other mechanical gaming keyboards we've seen, such as the SteelSeries 6Gv2, due to the lack of a Num Pad.

For most games you won't notice this loss, and it makes the keyboard far more portable - great if you take your gaming rig to LAN tournaments. But it does mean that it doesn't double quite as well as a standard keyboard between games, although media playback can be controlled through the use of the 'FN' key.

It's incredibly comfortable to use, with the mechanical Cherry MX switches behind the keys providing a great feel that picks up rapid key presses well. Anti-ghosting technology enables you to hold down multiple keys at once without losing any precision.

A PS2 connector is included alongside the standard USB cable, giving you the option of using the older - but more precise - keyboard connection. Additional keycaps are also included, which can help you highlight the W,A,S and D keys for FPS games.


Overall, the Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire Rapid is a fantastic package with excellent build quality, responsive keys and a great look.

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