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Creative EP-635 review

Reveal your iPod's bass

An ideal accompaniment to your iPod.

Our Verdict

This is an impressive set of in-ear headphones for the price


  • Great bass

    Much better than bundled iPod earphones


  • Short cord length

The iPod's ear buds might be almost as ironically white as the iPod itself, but they lack the definition of top quality headphones and can't produce the sort of bass demanded by many.

Creative's in-ear solution blows away the preconception that the iPod itself lacks bass by delivering power and quality in abundance - and they still come in classic white.

The clarity and punch of the EP-635s are comparable to more high-end in-ear solutions like Etymotic's ER6s and even quality noise-cancelling 'surround' earphones costing £100. Tested with a variety of musical genres, the EP-635s reveal details barely detectable with similarly priced headphones - and they're only 16 ohms.

The stylish neck strap is functional and comfortable (weighing just 12g), but the cord is short so it suits an iPod nano or shuffle more than the heavier iPods. It should be just long enough to fit in most inside pockets, though. Aside from the cord length, this is an impressive set of in-ear headphones for the price, and should improve your iPod enjoyment no end. Christian Hall