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Danny Boyle: '3D is a phase'

Danny Boyle: '3D is a phase'
Nobody looks good in these, Danny

Danny Boyle, who you may remember from such filmic hits as Trainspotting and such iconic cultural performances as the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, has confessed that he thinks 3D is a phase.

Boringly, he does concede that some filmmakers are doing some "extraordinary work" in the field, name-checking Life of Pi in the process, but his main beef is with the glasses.

Prat pack

"I don't use 3D," he told the Guardian. "I'm a spectacle wearer so I hate going to 3D movies because you have to wear two pairs of spectacles, which makes you feel like even more of a prat.

"You know how everybody feels a bit of a prat wearing 3D spectacles. You as a spectacle wearer feel a double prat."

To clarify for our international readers, "prat" is a wonderfully British term for an idiot. Hugh Grant probably says it a lot.

After bigging up Life of Pi for its visual effects, Boyle went on to talk about how audio is the next exciting tech frontier:

"There are sound innovations coming actually, particularly Dolby Atmos, which are going to do something very equivalent to what 3D does.

"So I don't know if 3D will survive to be honest. I think it may be a phase."