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Sci-fi gives Blu-ray a sales boost

Sci-fi gives Blu-ray a sales boost
Star Wars - big on Blu-ray

Blu-ray disc sales have helped the home entertainment industry to its first increase in more than three years, with the DEG reporting that the format has seen a five per cent upsurge in sales.

Like many industries, the home entertainment sector has not had a great time of late – a lack of money in pockets has meant less people in the cinema and disc purchases lower than usual.

But the third quarter of 2011 has seen Blu-ray buck this trend and it seems that sci-fi is the key.

Movies such as Thor, X-Men: First Class, the Star Wars franchise and Transformers: Dark of the Moon have reaped $423 million (£264 million) for the third quarter.

Say hello to my little friend

The increase in sales has also coincided with more homes now Blu-ray savvy, with 33.5 million (in the US) now equipped with Blu-ray players – this is up 52 per cent year on year.

Interestingly, classic movies also played a big part in bringing the Blu-ray numbers up.

Citizen Kane, Scarface and The Big Lebowski are all cited as discs that have made the format popular.