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Optoma ups pico projector game with new releases

Optoma Pico Projector
Optoma wants you to see the big picture

Optoma has launched its new range of pico projectors at CES 2010, using the forum to highlight the evolution of the emerging format.

Two new pico projectors have been launched, the PK201 and PK301, with both offering a higher level of brightness, connectivity and storage.

The PK301, weighing in at just 225g, has a brightness of 50 lumens (said to be 'best in class', according to Optoma) and offers 854×480 resolution. Users can also add up to 16GB to the internal 218MB of memory through microSD.

Poor power

However, battery life tops out at just 45 minutes of use, and that's at less than half brightness. There is thankfully a battery extender that allows you to get the full brightness, but that will likely jack up the $399 (£249) price.

The PK201 operates at just 20 lumens output, with a similar battery life of one hour – although there's no mention of a battery extender here, and a price of just $299 (£185).

Both feature mini-HDMI input compatibility, have a 0.5W speaker and have a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, and will be available in mid-March 2010.