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Huge growth in mobile use of Twitter and Facebook

Facebook - growth
Facebook - growth

Opera's latest State of the Mobile Web report has shown a massive rise in the use of Facebook through mobile devices, but an even more explosive growth for microblogging service Twitter.

Opera's monthly report delves into the aggregated usage reports it receives from users of the popular Opera mini – giving a snapshot of what people are surfing through their smartphones and other mobile devices.

January's report looks at social networking – and although the service's popularity in Russia gives it a bit of a .ru skew, the growth of Twitter and Facebook are clear.

Facebook number one

If Opera's report is representative, Facebook is now the clear leader as the most used social network from mobile phones, partly due to a huge 619 per cent growth through 2009.

However, the real success story was Twitter – which despite only entering the top ten list at number seven has apparently experienced a growth of nearly 3,000 per cent.

Although it was leapfrogged by Twitter, MySpace also grew – picking up an 84 per cent increase, but Friendster use declined by 29 per cent pushing it out of the top three.