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Facebook and Google enter bidding war for Waze app

Facebook and Google enter bidding war for Waze
Google or Facebook? Which Waze will it go?

Travel app Waze has found itself at the centre of a bidding war between Google and Facebook, according to new information.

Waze, a community driven GPS social navigation app, is one of the main data suppliers for the rather-maligned Apple Maps. In January, it was reported that Apple and Waze were in takeover talks, with Apple putting $500m (about £330m, AUS $516m) on the table, which Waze rejected.

Then Facebook came in offering around $1bn (about £660m, AUS $1.03bn) - and now Google is said to making its own offer as well.

Clash of the Titans

Waze took the spotlight in the wake of Hurricane Sandy when government agencies contacted the company to ask its users which gas stations were running low on fuel.

Both Google and Facebook see Waze as a way to improve their own standings in the mobile arena.

Google will want to incorporate Waze's real-time traffic updates and social elements into its revamped Google Maps, whereas Facebook will see Waze's 40m users as a perfect advertising and mobile expansion opportunity.

Which will come out on top? The ball certainly seems to be in Waze's court, so stay tuned.

Via The Guardian