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Aldi Mobile: solid plans, but not cheapest

Aldi prices
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Aldi Mobile's soon-to-be released tarrifs have been revealed, showing a solid new contender for your mobile money, but not the cheapest prices in town.

As reported by EFTM, the new plans look similar to the current offer from Amaysim, but fall just short of pipping Kogan Mobile of the title of cheapest.

AU$35 per month buys unlimited calls and messages, plus 4GB data on the new Aldi month-to-month contract. This compared with 6GB of data and the same unlimited calling options on Kogan for AU$30 each month.

Aldi prices

Aldi will also offer two Pay As You Go options, with $15 and $30 minimum spend options, and 12c per minute call costs. Data on these plans is charged at 5c per MB, or $50 per GB if you do the math.

3G only

EFTM also discovered that the new Aldi SIM will operated on the Telstra 3G network, but not the 3.5G Next G network. Instead the service will be capped to data speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. The same arrangement that Kogan Mobile offers customers on the Telstra network.

Aldi Mobile will launch on March 6, and is expected to range a small selection of handsets, including one Android-powered smartphone.