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Facebook decides to shun Google Android

Android... no Facebook to be seen
Android... no Facebook to be seen

The war between Facebook and Google appears to be on the rise after it was revealed the social-networking site will not be releasing an app for the Android OS.

Issues between the two brands appeared when Facebook blocked Google's Friend Connect, citing security issues over the competing application.

However, it's also worth noting that Facebook is ad-served and invested in by Microsoft, which is hardly Google's biggest supporter.

Facebook was quick to release an application for the iPhone, doing so internally, and although it didn't produce the RIM version of the site, it did lend engineers to help develop it.


Fans of Facebook's clean and open interface are sure to be disappointed by the news, as many surely expected to be able to update their status and poke all sorts of things with great ease on the new OS.

However, Facebook hasn't ruled out an app on the handset... but it says Google or a third party will have to do it for the site, as it won't be dedicating any resources to the project.

And, according to TechCrunch, off the record comments are much more scathing: "Android sucks, it doesn't matter."