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Logitech unveils iPad and Android tablet accessories

iPad 2 keyboard and stand
iPad 2 keyboard and stand

Logitech has announced a range of accessories for Android tablets and the iPad – including a £90 keyboard case and a wireless speaker at the same price point.

Logitech is keen to tap into the burgeoning tablets add-on market, and has made an iPad-specific offering as well as a cheaper Bluetooth option.

The Logitech Keyboard Case is billed as 'exclusively for the iPad 2' and brings a stand and aluminium cover with 'military-grade, high-density padding'.


The second keyboard offering is intended for either iPad or Android and comes with a stand and quick Bluetooth setup. It is priced at £49.99.

Logitech has also unveiled a Blutooth Wireless Speaker for £89.99 which operates up to 50 feet away from your iPad or Android Tablet.

Logitech ipad speaker

"People love their tablets — the category is growing quickly and is here to stay," said Azmat Ali, Logitech senior director for tablet products.

"We've created a great line-up of products for tablet users, and it's just the beginning. Over the coming months you can expect to see additional products for iPad and Android tablets that are designed to help people create, consume and communicate."