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The future of Twitter revealed

Twitter, with integrate search
Twitter, with integrate search

The potential future of Twitter has been revealed in a venture capitalist presentation, which unveils some ways in which the website could take advantage of its fairly recent online success.

Fred Wilson, whose company Union Square Ventures invests in the micro-blogging website, outlined plans for Twitter in a slideshow and Silicon Valley blog managed to get hold of a slide titled 'Where Are We Going' that explains what new features could be included in the future.

Integrated Search

The slide features a massive search bar at the top of the site, which seems to integrate all the features found on Twitter's subdomain site

Although this isn't an exact representation of what the site will look like, it is a fair idea of what's next.

On the right-hand side there's a space for Matching Users and Featured Users, something that search.twitter does not yet have, and an idea that could be easily turned into advertising money for the site.

Twitter's CEO Biz Stone announced just last month that integrated search was being tested, so it will be interesting to see how soon the folks at Twitter will tweak the site – and if the change has any adverse affects throughout the 'Twittersphere'.