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MOD encourages troops to get on Twitter

Facebook and Twitter could soon be filled with ranting old colonels

Where yesterday we saw that using social networking sites could be a roadblock to getting a job, today we get to see the other side of the coin as the Ministry of Defence goes on record encouraging troops to relax online.

The MOD has posted official guidelines in an online memo directing members of the armed forces to use sites like Twitter and Facebook as they see fit.

Common sense approach

It cautions that they should use "common sense" and also describes what is and isn't fair game for sharing with the rest of the world.

In a refreshing display of net savvy, the MOD says: "Service and MOD civilian personnel are encouraged to talk about what they do, but within certain limits to protect security, reputation and privacy."

Sensitive matters

Those limits include not talking about current operations or deployments and leaving "controversial, sensitive or political matters" well alone.

As an added bonus, the MOD itself even has its own Twitter account filled with news from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as happenings back home.

Via Mashable