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Idiot crooks snared by Facebook accounts

You won't 'get away with it' if you plaster your details all over Facebook

Some criminals reckon it's a very clever idea to borrow large sums of money and then 'go missing' to avoid paying it back. But some of these crooks may not be as smart as they like to think.

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs department in the UK says it's tracking felons like this down on a regular basis by finding them on Facebook. Speaking to the Inquirer, an anonymous Customs officer says that social networks are proving to be a valuable source of information in such cases.

Found on Facebook

The Inquirer's source says due to his success, he's now a wanted man by some members of the criminal underworld. So either he's very good at his job, or he's a paranoid delusional. Either way, it's not hard to believe that social networks like Facebook and MySpace are helping some of the security services track people down. It makes sense.

And if you're a villain looking to go missing with someone else's money in your pocket, don't think you can get away with it simply by not creating a Facebook page. The source says some people have been tracked down simply by finding the profiles of their friends or family and working from there.