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Facebook launches new Friend page

Best not to tell your buddies they're on your 'Crazies' list
Best not to tell your buddies they're on your 'Crazies' list

Facebook has updated the Friends page, giving users more tools for organising and managing their list of Friends.

The page, which rolls out today, is still focused around finding new Friends, either by email, name, suggested connections or IM history.

You can also organise your Friends into Lists, found in the left sidebar. The lists categorise each Friend by network, family or work depending on how you responded when first confirming them.

Use for the Lizst list for your 19th century Hungarian composer Friends

You can also set up new lists for everything from sports buddies to people you don't really know but friended on a whim - and Friends cannot see which lists they are in.

Once you've created your Friend Lists, you can use them all over the site - for example, to send messages, group or event invitations, or to set privacy on the content you publish.

You can even filter the stream of stories on your home page by Friends Lists. That way, you can see what is going on with certain groups of people.

There's more on the Facebook blog.