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Teachers quit after 'insulting pupils' on Facebook

Teachers expelled over Facebook gaffe

Two primary school teachers have 'relinquished their positions' after they allegedly made insulting remarks about pupils on Facebook.

The teachers at Westcott primary school in Hull became embroiled in a row over comments they're said to have made in an online exchange using the social networking site.

One post read: "No wonder everyone is thick … inbreeding must damage brain development," which was printed out and posted on fences outside the school gates.

Another post made reference to pupils spotted queueing in a discount store.


Former head teacher Debbie Johnson and teacher Nyanza Roberts have now left the school, while other members of the faculty have been 'concluded' through the school's disciplinary procedures.

Chair of governors Mary Wallace said: "Further to my last letter in which I promised to keep you updated with any developments at the school I write to inform you the investigation into the Facebook matter which affected a number of staff within the school has now been concluded.

"The details will remain confidential for legal reasons.

"However, I am able to inform you Ms Johnson and Miss Roberts have decided to relinquish their posts at Westcott primary school from December 2011 and will pursue other opportunities."

Via Guardian