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Stone: Ads on Twitter will be 'a while'

Twitter - massive audience
Twitter - massive audience

Twitter will not find itself deluged by adverts for this year at least, with co-founder Biz Stone insisting that the micro-blogging phenomenon will stay free of marketing messages for 'a while'.

Stone, speaking at the 140: Twitter Conference, talked extensively about how the company is planning on turning its massive audience share into profit, with the focus on features and not advertising at the present time.

"Any kind of approach toward advertising is going to be awhile ... We're not thinking about that just yet," said Stone said, who was ebullient about the company's current financial status.

Premium features

However, the oft-mentioned premium features that will be supplied for commercial account holders will be arriving soon.

"We wanted to show people that we're here to stay and here we are making money," Stone said.

Of course, the analytical tools that are likely to constitute the lion's share of these premium features will no doubt prove to be controversial should company's leverage the information they receive into targeted marketing.

Via Reuters