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Soon you'll log into Windows 10 apps with your Facebook account


App development for Windows 10 has been excruciatingly slow, especially on the mobile side, but Facebook is hoping to give it a breath of fresh air.

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, developer advocate Christine Abernathy announced that the social media giant is teaming up with Microsoft and plans to offer its React Native tool, a platform that essentially gives apps a Facebook-powered sheen with social features including Login, Sharing, App Analytics, and Graph APIs across platforms.

Basically, think of the way you can log into Spotify with your Facebook account and can share directly to the social network – only you're doing the same things in a Windows 10 app.

Facebook claims that over 250,000 developers use React Native, and the platform has played a part in the creation of 500 apps on the iOS app store. With the extra social network-powered backbone, Microsoft hopes this familiar code base will spur the development of more Windows apps.

With a growing user base of 270 million, Windows 10 seems ripe for more software, including a Universal App version of Spotify to fill the Windows Store's virtual shelves.

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