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How much is Twitter worth? New IPO details give us a clue

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If you aren't sick of the Twitter IPO yet, we have another tidbit for you.

The company's updated SEC filing shows Twitter wants to sell its shares, 70 million in all, for $17 - $20 a pop, or about £10/AU$17.68 to £12/AU$20.81 in straight conversions. It could collect $1.4 billion (about £987m, AU$1.66b) at the top-end.

The numbers are significant because if Twitter is able to get $20/share, it would value the company at $10.9 billion (about £6.72b, AU$11.3b). It's a "modest" figure according to most, and it's less than the $15 billion (about £9.25b, AU£15.6b) value some analysts assigned. However, there's a good chance the price will rise as Twitter starts its investor "road show."

Twitter seems to be taking a conservative path to its IPO, especially after Facebook's public offering debacle. According to Reuters, the microblogging site could start trading as soon as November 7.

We're sure we'll see a tweet before the action kicks off.

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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