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Government okay with MI6 chief's Facebook pics

Facebook FUBAR: MI6 chief caught in his swimming trunks
Facebook FUBAR: MI6 chief caught in his swimming trunks

The newly elected chief of the MI6, Sir John Sawers, found himself unwittingly under the glare of the media at the weekend, after his wife posted personal details of him on Facebook.

The Mail On Sunday broke the story by announcing that photos of Sawers in Speedos were uploaded to the site by his wife, alongside information of their children and even location details of a London flat owned by the couple.

Not a state secret

The government, however, has played down any talk of privacy leaks, with Foreign Secretary David Miliband insisting: "It is not a state secret that he wears Speedo swimming trunks, for goodness sake let's grow up."

Miliband made his remarks on The Andrew Marr show, where he also explained: "He was appointed 10 days ago to be the head of MI6; he's an outstanding professional who will do a really good job in an outstanding organisation that does a huge amount for this country."

Maybe Lady Shelley Sawers, Sir John's wife, should have taken advantage of Facebook's new privacy settings, which were unveiled last week.

Via Press Association