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FireFox celebrates 500 million downloads…

Half a billion users are now surfing the web using a FireFox browser

FireFox has celebrated the 500 millionth download of its open-source internet browser by urging users and fans to head over to Freerice and raise the same number in grains of rice.

According to a message on the Spread FireFox page, if 500 million grains of rice could be raised it would be enough to feed 25,000 people for a day.


Freerice is an internet project in which visitors answer vocabulary questions in exchange for rice. This rice is paid for by advertisers on the site and donated to the UN World Food Program.

FireFox claims that the 500 million downloads milestone is only a taste of things to come. According to figures obtained by Cnet the browser is growing at a rate of just under 20 million new users a month. However, even with the forthcoming launch of version 3, FireFox has some way to go before it catches up with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

According to data recently published by market research firm Net Applications, Internet Explorer is by far and away the most popular browser accounting for 75 per cent of all traffic on the internet, with FireFox in second place at a fraction over 16 per cent.