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Facebook now supports GIFs - go forth and post your best

Facebook GIF
Facebook GIF

Whether it be someone falling down the stairs or your favourite quote from The Breakfast Club, there's now a much easier way to share GIFs with your friends.

Facebook has finally adopted GIFs into the news feed so now you can share your moving image files directly into your timeline - no longer do you have to use Giphy's workaround.

Just throw the URL link into a post or a comment and Facebook will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to reply with your true feelings expressed in a moving, repetitive image.

Absolutely GIFfing

Back in 2013 we saw GIFs on Facebook, all thanks to Giphy, but each worked quite like a video and didn't play properly in the timeline.

The rollout for proper GIFs have begun now – check out this group for a selection of the best GIFs shared so far – but don't be shocked if functionality isn't on your account just yet.