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Facebook lets you reply to posts via email

Facebook comes to email
Facebook comes to email

Facebook has finally created the ultimate workaround for those who can't access Facebook at work – it's allowing you to reply to posts through email.

It's a less than ideal situation for those who are banned from using Facebook at work but what it does mean is that you can make contact if needs-be to your fellow friends without actually accessing the social-networking site.

Reply and send

"Were launching the ability for you to participate in these conversations by replying directly to these email notifications," says Facebook's blog post.

"When you receive an email notification about comments, you can just click 'Reply' and start typing a comment at the top of the email. Then hit "Send" from your email and your reply will automatically be added as a comment on Facebook without you having to even log in."

If you aren't receiving these emails but your online friends are trying to contact you, then you have to go into your account settings and choose whether you want to receive emails or not.

Who'd have thought it – the next step in the social-networking journey is email.