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Facebook being used to recruit spies

Is Facebook being targetted by terrorists?
Is Facebook being targetted by terrorists?

Is there a spy in your Friends list? There may well be, according to Israel's internal intelligence service, who has put out a warning that Arab conmen are currently trying to recruit 'spies' via the social-networking site.

The Shin Bet security agency put out an alert that Israelis are being enticed into spying by a cash-flouncing Lebanese agent.

Kill or recruit

Speaking about the possible terrorist threat, Shin Bet said about the warning: "Terror organisations are using these sites to tempt Israelis to meet up in person in order to either abduct them, kill them or recruit them as spies."

It is reportedly rare for the Shin Bet to issue public warnings, but the intelligence service believes that the use of social-networking sites is a new way for terrorist organisations to lure victims in for meetings, only to kidnap them to use for ransom, or make them join a terrorist cell.

While it's common sense, Shin Bet has advised Israelis using social-networking sites to not publish personal information like emails, phone numbers and addresses.