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Cyber-attackers will 'seek to disrupt' Olympics, says minister

Cyber-attackers will 'seek to disrupt' Olympics, says minister
Government 'determined to have safe and secure Games'

The London Olympic Games will come under threat from cyber criminals this summer, according to cabinet minister Francis Maude.

Mr Maude, who oversees the UK's Office of Cyber Security, the agency that will seek to protect the London 2012 events, says attackers "would seek to disrupt the Games."

After noting 12 million cyber-attacks on the 2008 event in China, Maude says London 2012 will "not be immune" from attacks, but the government is "determined to have a safe and secure Games."

Last year the government announced a dedicated security team for the Olympics and that group is currently testing for "worst-case scenarios" like DDoS attacks or viruses.

Fast reactions

Speaking during a trip to cyber security leader Estonia, Maude added: "UK government networks continue to be regularly targeted by foreign intelligence agencies, or groups working on their behalf.

"And we know that the threat is accelerating. Our responses have to be fast and flexible. What works one day is unlikely to work a matter of months or even weeks later."

Olympic bosses have not confirmed any specific threat.

Via: BBC