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Hitachi 3D display relies on mirror images

Hitachi has taken an old-fashioned approach to creating a 3D display

Stop us if you've seen this one before, but isn't this experimental display from Hitachi awfully reminiscent of a scene from a certain movie involving R2-D2 and Princess Leia?

The device is known as a stereoscopic vision display . It has been on show at the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference in San Diego and is intended to replace traditional projectors with something a bit more, well, three dimensional.

Mirror magic

Weighing just 1kg, the display is one of the smallest of many similar prototype 3D projectors doing the rounds. It achieves this by eschewing complex holographic technologies in favour of a modern Zoetrope approach that relies on a single image being multiplied many times over by an array of 12 mirrors.

Although the only images we've seen of the new technology so far are slightly unimpressive, Hitachi promises that it will one day be a vital part of the Rebel Alliance's war against the Galactic Empire. Either that or it will end up in schools and museums across Japan.