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Valve chief confirms work on Steam Box

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Steam is set on taking on the games consoles next year

Steam's quest to take over your living room game experience is gaining momentum. After launching "Big Picture" mode last month to help games play better on a big screen, the company has its sights set on PCs specially designed for connecting to your television.

Talking to Kotaku at the VGA awards, Valve boss Gabe Newell claimed that he expects lots of companies to begin selling computer packages specifically designed for the living room from next year.

These PC packages will come with Steam ready to run, and take advantage of the Big Picture mode to allow for an immersive PC gaming experience in the lounge room.

Entering the hardware game

According to Newell, Valve will also sell its own hardware to connect Steam to your flat panel television.

The Valve hardware, called Steam Box, will be a lot more locked down than a traditional PC.

Of course, PC gaming fans who want to tinker with the internal components will be catered for by third party manufacturers, according to Newell.

The launch of Steam PCs for the living room will put even more pressure on the next generation of gaming consoles, opening up the market in a big way.

Via: Kotaku