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There will be a public E3 this year, and you're invited

E3 Live

This year, for the first time, E3 will be hosting a public event in Los Angeles, the ESA has confirmed.

The event, called E3 Live, is free to attend, and is a three-day event held between June 14th and June 16th. Meanwhile the 'real' E3 2016 remains a press-only event, and runs across the same dates.

EA is also hosting its own public event called EA Live after having announced its decision to not attend the conference earlier this year.

EA Live will also be taking place in London in addition to LA, whereas E3 Live will only be taking place in the latter.

Public past

E3 was previously a pseudo-public event, because the rules governing what constituted a journalist were very lax.

This changed at E3 2007 when the show was significantly downsized and attendance was effectively limited to journalists at established publications.

The introduction of E3 Live, in addition to EA Live, suggests that the appetite for a public games conference is strong.

Anyone interested in attending the event in LA can sign up for tickets for free on the ESA's website.

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